Sustainable production, health and operating protection and reduction of the CO2 footprint are increasingly the focus today. At the same time, economical and productive solutions are as important as ever. This also has its effect on cutting technology and the selection of cutting gasses. For this reason, Messer and Messer Cutting Systems have jointly developed HyCut. HyCut is here a new, powerful and sustainable alternative to conventional oxyfuel application technology.


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Measurable cost-effectiveness

It goes without saying that costs are an important factor in oxyfuel technology – particularly as compared with conventional alternatives such as propane or natural gas. Our extensive tests found that HyCut gases, in conjunction with our advanced oxyfuel equipment, provide measurable cost benefits.

More environmental protection

As industries implement changes to decarbonize the economy, the use of hydrogen as a fuel gas for oxyfuel technology can play an important role. To enable hydrogen to address today’s demands for quality, productivity and profitability, Messer collaborated with Messer Cutting Systems on an extensive development program. The result is HyCut, the eco-friendly fuel gas alternative for oxyfuel technology.

Secure supply

As an industrial gases specialist, Messer has mastered the safe and reliable manufacture of hydrogen, along with the associated quality assurance, filling technology, and logistics, as well as its onsite distribution. Depending on the needs, we offer appropriate supply concepts ranging from individual cylinders to bundles and trailers to stationary tanks.

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Constant withdrawal volume

Hydrogen is a highly compressed gas which, unlike conventional fuel gases, is not limited in the amount that can be extracted. The associated additional equipment and therefore costs for complex installations via bundles or cylinder couplings are eliminated.

Enhanced work safety

Measurements confirmed that using our HyCut gases also significantly reduces the emission of CO, nitrous oxides and dust particles. As compared with the fuel gases used in oxyfuel technology up till now, this improves occupational health and safety in the workplace.

High-performance hardware

In view of hydrogen’s unique properties, special burners and nozzles were developed. They make it possible to adjust the HyCut flame for any application – in automated or manual operation.


Finding the best solution together

Take advantage of the experience of our application specialists. We’ll be glad to show you how HyCut can help your oxyfuel cutting operations achieve greater sustainability and profitability.

HyCut as compared with propane and acetylene: Significantly lower CO₂ and NOx emissions


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